April TBR: #UnsolveAThon & OWLs

This month I'm being brave and participating in two month long readathons. I did my best to pick books that match a prompt in each readathon. Magical ReadAThon You probably guessed that already, but I'm an overachiever so I want to complete all the exams so I won't be chosing a career yet. #UnsolveAThon I decided …

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Fantasy Adventureathon TBR

The Fantasy Adventureathon hosted by Novel Thoughts starts on Monday! This is a choose your adventure style readathon with four teams: Fairy, Dragon, Unicorn, and Mermaid. I'm joining team Unicorn! Each team follows has different prompts that guide them through a unique path up the map. All paths start at Fellowship with the group book, A Darker Shade of …

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