Top Ten Tuesday: Terrible French covers


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All of you anglophone readers don’t understand how good you have it with book covers. Sure, once in a while you’ll see books that could look better, but it doesn’t come close to the tragedy of the French edition of translated books.


How can you not be offended by this cover change. On the left we have beautiful colours and an interesting design while on the right we get pukey purple and bad decisions.


This one isn’t terrible, but the tiger looks weird and it’s missing all the depth and movement of the original cover.


The title: The Master of Illusions, The tagline: Nightmares considered as one of the fine arts, and the cover design, I’m not sure which is worse.


Sure. That was necessary.


I do like the French cover, but nothing could ever surpass the quiet creepiness of the Penguin one.


On the left you have a book from Quebec, written in French. On the right you have the translated edition they published in France. Because apparently the way teens from here speak is uncomprehensible for our Europeans friends… Also that character design was on every middle grade and YA contemporary for a couple of years (none of which were translated for Quebec…) Anytime I see those stupid pointy feet or the huge eyes and tiny nose I want to puch something.


I think that after the first two book they went with the original covers. Everyone deserves the beauty of The Raven King & Blue Lily, Lily Blue on their shelves.


You think stickers on books are bad? Do you see this banner? This cover is a tragedy.




Which cover do you think is the absolute worse?

12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Terrible French covers

  1. Wow, most of those really are terrible! I am always interested in how covers change when a book is translated – in some cases I really like how it is changed and in others I don’t! Are there any French covers which you really like?

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    1. Covers for books that were originally written in French tend to be much better. The first that come to mind are the covers of the middle grade series Le Cratère by Steve Proulx. A lot of poetry collections also have great minimalist covers. Some examples would be Delete by Daphné B. and Filles by Marie Darsigny

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      1. I guess it kind of makes sense that those originally written in French would have better covers as they may hire local artists who are familiar with the book to create a fitting cover. With bookstagram becoming more popular, it seems like publishers and cover designers all over have had to step up their game!

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  2. This sort of makes me laugh, because my TTT, I looked at covers from different countries, and a lot of times, I liked the non-English ones better. But none of them were French. T_T Boo. I still relate to your struggle.

    I almost like the cover for Aru Shah et la Lampe du Chaos better, but I agree that the tiger looks a little wonky. I don’t even know what’s going on with the Liens de Sang cover change, but that made me laugh. xD Gosh that escalated quickly. Oh nooo. What did they do with The Raven King?! What happened to the beautiful cover? Noooo. Ha, this was a fun post!

    Here’s my TTT post.

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