Top Ten Tuesday: My first five reviews


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You already know that I love reading, but you might not know that I was homeschooled. There are a lot of myths and generalisations about homeschoolers, but one that was true in my family was that a lot of our school projects were based on our hobbies.

In primary school, my mom designed a notebook for me to write quick reviews in, but I couldn’t find it so I chose reviews from when I was 12 years old.

I wrote most of them for the book club I had with a couple of other homeschooling families so most of them were originally written in French and the ones that were in English were meant for me to improve my writing skills.

The whole book report had way more than a quick review, but that’s all I chose to include for this post.

The only changes I made to the original text was to put the titles in italics and for the translation I tried to keep as many of the grammar mistakes as possible. Be aware that one of the books has a racist slur in title.

With that said, here are my first-ish book reviews:

thLe livre dont vous êtes la victime de Arthur Ténor

My very Christian mother was not pleased when the book club picked this ”borderline satanist” book, not pleased at all. I don’t remember much about it, except that it played on the classic chose your own adventure model and that I didn’t enjoy it.


My original review:

«Je n’ai pas vraiment aimé Le livre dont vous êtes la victime. Je n’ai pas accroché à l’histoire et ni apprécié mon temps de lecture. J’ai une préférence pour les romans dystopique et fantastique, bien que j’aime aussi plusieurs autres genres littéraires; alors les sujets de ce livre ne m’ont pas vraiment touché.»

”I didn’t really like Le livre dont vous êtes la victime. The story did not grab me and neither did I enjoy my reading time. I have a preference for dystopic and fantasy novels, although I also like several other literary genres; then the subjects of this book did not really affect me.”

39999The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne





«C’est moi qui ai proposé Le garçon  en pyjama rayé au club de lecture, donc je m’attendais à l’aimer. L’histoire est touchante tout come l’amitié de Bruno et Shmuel. Ça m’a pris un peu de temps pour comprendre que Hoche-Vite est dans le livre une version simplifié d’Auschwitz. Ce livre est agréable à lire, mais certains points sont trop peu détaillés et ce qui se passe après la mort de Bruno reste un peu trop flou»

”I was the one who proposed The Boy in the Striped Pajamas at the book club, so I expected to love it. The story is touching so is the friendship of Bruno and Shmuel. It took me a little time to understand that Hoche-Vite is in the book a simplified version of Auschwitz. This book makes a pleasant read, but some points lack details and what happens after the death of Bruno remains a little too unclear.”

I wouldn’t say that was an agréable/pleasant read, but ok…

hAnd Then There Were None by Agata Christie (with the original title…)




«J’ai beaucoup aimé Dix petits nègres, même si j’ai trouvé les 50 premières pages un peu lentes. À partir du premier meurtre, l’histoire n’arrête pas.»

“I loved And Then There Were None, even though I found the first 50 pages a little too slow. The story really gets going after the first murder.”

11870085The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

This is an important one, it’s the first review I ever wrote in English.




The Fault in Our Stars is the story of a sixteen year old girl, Hazel Lancaster, with stage IV thyroid and lung cancer and Augustus Water a boy that she met at a support group for cancer kids. They start as friends, but their relationship evolves into romance.

The book is full of other amazing characters like Isaac, another boy of the support group, and Peter Van Houten, the autor of An Imperial Affliction, Hazel’s favorite book. If you are careful, you will see a lot of symbols and metaphors hidden in the story like the constant presence of water. Even if it’s a sad story, this book is full of humor and funny moments.”

thab0s8uj1.jpgFort Boyard, à la conquête du trésor de D. Mitrecey




I can’t find my review for this one, but it was a chose your own adventure based on the French TV reality TV show Fort Boyard. At the book club everyone had to do a short presentation about the book. I mapped all the possible paths in the book and how to get each ending. Everyone thought I was a nerd with way too much time on my hands was very impressed.


As you can see, my writing style is much better now. Were you even able to understand was I was writing? There’s a lot more in that year’s portfolio, including some poetry and short stories I wasn’t brave enough to read, but nothing tops the anime theme back cover.

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