WWW #8: April 3, 2019 & AdventureAThon Wrapup

www wednesday

I’m back this week with my answers to Taking On A World Of Words‘s three W questions:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?


Sans titre (2)Yesterday by Felicia Yap  —  77%

As a thriller this book is straightforward, but set in a world where people can only remember one or two days it becomes really interesting.


1A Wicked King by Holly Black | ★★★★

That ending.

Most of the book read like an introduction, probably because I was expecting more action. So far this series is a strong four star, but if the character’s keep becoming more and more complex it has a chance to finish with a five star.

2A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin | ★★★★

I gave GOT the same rating now than I did five years ago, but this time I’m continuing on with the series. I read this one on audio, but since some parts were hard to understand I might switch back to paper for the next book.

3Le Cid by Pierre Corneille | ★★☆☆

Who would have thought that a play written 400 years ago would have reminded me of a tropy YA contemporary. I respect Corneille for breaking the rules of French theatre, but the story was too unrealistic to make me feel anything.

Sans titre (2)Portrait of My Body as A Crime I’m Still Committing by Topaz Winters | Still thinking about the rating, but I liked it

This will be the first poetry collection I’ve ever reviewed so I want to do a good job so I will be revisiting the poems that stood out to me later this week.

Sans titre (3)Mighty Jack and the Goblin King by Ben Hatke | ★★★★☆

This second volume impressed me. It touched on what it means to be someone’s friend and chosing to sacrifice yourself for them. If my library has the French translation I would be happy to read it again with my little cousins.

3Super Mutant Magic Academy by Jillian Tamaki | ★★★★★

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I opened this book, but by the end if the first page I knew it was going to be great. This is so funny. It has a great balance of humour and depth. CW for SH and violent death

5The Girl From the Other Side vol. 1 & 2 by Nagabe | ★★★★★

This is about a little girl who lives alone in the woods with a tall dark man? monster? Nagabe does two things particularly well: building atmosphere and showing a range of emotions on a face that can best be described as a black blob. The story manages to be cute and whimsical at the same time as being asphyxiating and nostalgic.

Sans titreNeverworld Wake by Marisha Pessl | DNF

I know this one will wreck me.” Me, a week ago

”This book is  wrecking me… with boredom” Me, reading this book

Sans titre (1)A Quick & Easy Guide to Queer & Trans Identities by J.R. Zuckerberg and Mady G | ★★★☆☆

Some chapters were great, but others felt out of place. This needed more editing and more focus with regards to its target audience.

Sans titreThe Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides | ★☆☆☆☆

As I mentioned in a previous Top Ten Tuesday , I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read this book because the blurb told me it might be super problematic. Yep, this was gross. The term borderline was being trown around as an insult and it was pretty clear that the author knew nothing of personality disorders. BTW the UK is moving towards Emotional Intensity Disorder or Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder instead of BPD so… On top of that the character’s were all one dimensional and stereotypical. The plot twist execution was well done, but one chapter can’t save a sinking ship.

How did I do with the Fantasy AdventureAThon?

6 books read (1200 pts)

2028 pages (2028 pts)

3 blog posts (60 pts)

7 challenges completed (700pts + 500 pts for completing)

For a total of 4488 points

Go! Team Unicorn!



I need to get started on my April TBR (coming to you tomorrow) so my next two reads will be:

1Empress of All Seasons by Emiko Jean



8Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare



Sans titre (5)The Good Son by You-Jeong Jeong



I’m leaving my job soon so this week I’ve started training the lady who will be replacing me. That means I’ve lost most of my reading and blogging time so I have to readjust.

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