Top Ten Tuesday: Things that make me pick up a book


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Maybe one day I’ll bring you into my TBR system, but for know all you need to know is that it involves three websites and three dozen Goodreads shelves.

Since I use my library a lot my TBR is split into a long list that I keep on Goodreads and a shortlist with the books I own, the books I borrowed, and the books I have on hold.

Add to longlist

With this list I chose five things that make be added a book to my TBR even when the synopsis is not something I’m immediatey interested in.

LGBTQ+ Representation

I’ve only had access to queer books for 1/5 of my life so I need to catch up.

Complicated parent/child relationships (bonus if it’s mother/daughter)

Books that do this don’t fall into the absent parent trope and it’s more interesting than books with perfect families.

Unusual education/background

I was homeschooled so growing up I was always reading about characters who had an education very different from my own. If the book has homeschooling, study abroad, sport-study programs, etc. I will probably want to pick it up.

Romance tropes I love (fake dating, rivals to lovers, forbidden love…)

This goes for romance books, but also for other genres. In the case where romance might overpower the story I don’t mind as much if it’s the kind that I love.

Positive Reviews from people I follow

This goes both for people online and for people in my life. Some of the best books I’ve read were recommended to me by my friends and when I find people with the same taste as me I add to my TBR, no questions asked.

Add to shortlist

I love organizing my TBR and planning what to pick up next.

How do I choose which of the 500+ books on my long list I want to read next? It’s complicated, but here are the main factors.

Available at my library

About 150 of the books I want to read are unavailable at my library so of course I’m way less likely to read the quickly. Books that are available on Overdrive usually get read faster because I don’t have to plan when I will need to bring them back.

How much time it spent on my TBR

I’m trying to get through all the books I added to my list before 2016, but the truth is that books I added recently usually get read faster.

What I’m in the mood for

I have Goodreads shelves for different TBR genres so if I’m in the mood for thrillers and scifi that’s what I borrow.

How long the book is

If I have a lot of free time I might borrow a couple of bricks, but I try to have a balance of long and short books if I don’t know what my schedule will be.

Hearing a lot about it

This is the best way for books I added years before to get read. If I see one good review for a book I forgot about it shoots back up the priority list. This happened at the beginning of the year with Grave Mercy and I loved it.

All of this said, do you have recommendations for me? Bonus points if you know of a book with at least three elements I love.


12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Things that make me pick up a book

  1. On the come up by Angie Thomas feature a complicated but sweet mother daughter relationship. There are also side characters who are LGBTQ+ but the main character is not. Also, the book has been getting lots of positive reviews and I think they’re well-deserved!


  2. Wow.. thats a lot of lists xD
    I agree with the short ones! Though.. bricks do scares me, alot. I know i may struggle with them and my reading can be slow.. so book that is so HUGE you seem to be reading for days and not even do a dent in them makes me quite harsher on myself. I prefer thoses short chapters one where you seem to go by so fast in it ! So satisfying.

    I also never thought about thoses; complicated relationships & unusual schooling.. i guess you are right that perfect families can be boring in a book,and having followed the « regular » way (though we didnt had middle school in my area, too small of a town. ONE primary school and ONE secondary school, that was it) I haven’t gave that one particularly any attention. I find thoses quite interesting!

    I love this Top ten theme so much!! I see lot of themes that people mention that I end up not having thought about at all


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