Fantasy Adventureathon TBR

The Fantasy Adventureathon hosted by Novel Thoughts starts on Monday! This is a choose your adventure style readathon with four teams: Fairy, Dragon, Unicorn, and Mermaid.

I’m joining team Unicorn!


Each team follows has different prompts that guide them through a unique path up the map. All paths start at Fellowship with the group book, A Darker Shade of Magic, but since I’m not interested in reading it I will be replacing it.

There are no rules about the order in which you should read your books, but since I’m following a map I will try to start books in the order that they appear in.



A group book replacement

3Super Mutant Magic Academy

I tried to at least keep the same colour scheme..


A book with a royalty word in the title

2A Game of Thrones


A book with black on the cover

5The Girl From the Other Side



A fairytale retelling

4Mighty Jack and the Goblin King


A book featuring romance

The Wicked King


A book with more than 500 pages

2A Game of Thrones

Because I probably won’t be done with it by this point.



Read a book while eating a snack

I won’t have to try real hard with this prompt. I’m always eating while I read.


I hope you join us (in my team of course) it’s going to be so much fun.






5 thoughts on “Fantasy Adventureathon TBR

  1. This sounds like it’s gonna be such a fun readathon! As a fantasy lover, I love the guidelines of this readathon. Ugh, sadly I can’t join because I’m a very slow reader and I have no motivation to finish readathons, but good luck and I hope you enjoy all of these!


      1. I’m pretty sure I would go with Dragon, since that’s my favorite mystical creature! And I’d actually snag the opportunity to read a darker shade of magic because it’s been on my TBR since forever, but I love how you still stayed true to its cover colors with your own pick 😂

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  2. I’m team Mermaid because it fit what I want to read the best, and I am so excited to get started! I read Game of Thrones earlier this year and it was a wild ride.


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