Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d like to intern with


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl

Compared to what I read, I have a pretty nice life. Technology, medicine, all these books I can read… I wouldn’t want to live in a high fantasy world, but sometimes I wish I could learn with the characters. So here is my list of ten book characters I would want to learn from.


Hermione from Harry Potter

She would be the best magic tutor and with what she could teach me I could be way more efficient, especially on low spoons days.


Ismae from Grave Mercy

Some self-defense, some herbology, just general knowlegde anyone could use.


Cas from The Abyss Surrounds Us

Come on, don’t tell me you wouldn’t want to learn how to train giant sea monsters?


Hesekiel from The Tea Dragon Society

Tea Dragons are the cutest and if it was possible for me to get some you know I would be researching how to get them to get along with my cats.


Gwendolyn from Ruby Red

I know I would need to have the time travel gene, but let’s pretend I could time travel with her. I could live a time travel queer historical romance a sub genre I desperately want to see more of.


Atsuhi Dojo from Library Wars

That’s one of the first manga series I read and I forgot a lot, but I remember thatLt. Dojo is a total badass.


Isabella from The Memoirs Of Lady Trent

I’m planning on going back to uni next year and I’m terrified. A couple of weeks studying with Isabella could get me back in the academic world.

sans titre

Clara from Knit One Girl Two

I’m a knitter so yarn dyeing is not outside the realm of possibilities, but it’s one of those skills where having a mentor would be very useful

Bitty from Check, Please! and Emilie from Graham’s Delicacies

I love baking (I’m actually planning on making bread tonight) but my cake experience is non existant and I’ve only ever made two (delicious) pies. I’m going to be working on those skills anyway, so if I could get help from great characters I would.

I love learning and since a bunch of these are things I can learn it might be time to see if I want to get into something new.


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