#YARC Update and TBR


Here is my sign-up post

I didn’t do an update for January because I only read one book by an Asian author, so here I go with something barely better.

The books I read:

  1. The Emperor of all Maladies
  2. Girls of Paper and Fire

What happened?

I got stuck in the library hole. In January I got a bunch of books at the library and put even more on hold. Most of the time it would have been fine but work as been busy and when it’s slow I can get a lot of reading done (it’s fine guys, my boss is cool with it).

My plan

Not borrowing books? That won’t happen. Instead I went on Goodreads and picked 40 books by Asian authors across all the genres I typically reach for. I put those titles on my library list so now I can borrow as much as I can carry and make some progress.

The books I borrowed

WWW (4).png

These books have the best covers.

Yesterday by Felicia Yap

The Good Son by Yu-jŏng Chŏng

The Girl from the Other Side (vol. 1 and 2) by Nagabe

Fierce Femmes and Notorious Liars by Kai Cheng Thom (My review)

Harmonie by Project Itoh (My review)

I’ve already started Fierce Femmes and I’m loving it. I added that book to my TBR a while ago so I didn’t remember it was fabulism, but it was a great suprise.

How are you doing with YARC? Better than me, I hope.




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