Top Ten Tuesday: Book settings I’d like to visit


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What I like about this topic is that it doesn’t say I have to be able to visit 😉

Once again I’ll divide my list into two sections: places I could visit and those I’ll just have to imagine myself going to

WWW (2)

1. PEI

When I was a kid my dad tricked me into watching Anne of Green Gables and once I managed to dry my tears I read the whole series and the Emily of New Moon trilogy. Since then PEI has been the #1 place I want to visit. Over the last couple of years I’ve started planning a trip there but never actually took the plunge.

2. Sri Lanka

In fall 2017 I read Swimming in the Monsoon Sea by Shyam Selvadurai and the descriptions of the sea and vegetation were some of the best I’ve ever read.

3. The island in that one French story

I don’t remember the story’s title, but either Zola or Maupassant wrote a short story where a couple go to a party on an island and the wife meets a band of lesbians. Ok, I know I couldn’t meet these (fictional and quite dead now) ladies, but don’t tell me you wouldn’t want to recreate that party.

4. Australia

As I’m writing the its -27°C outside. I’m used to being in cities made to survive snowstorms. I want to see how different a city on the other side of the globe would be and how that affects sustainability initiatives. Also the big spiders, I like spiders.

Oh, and the book is Big Little Lies

5. LA

A lot of books are set in LA, but the one that made me wish I could explore that city was The Way You Make Me Feel by Maureen Goo.

WWW (3)

6. The Borderlands

The world of In Other Lands has so many interesting creatures and unlike many fantasy worlds, going there is not a death sentence.

7. The Human Body w/ Oscar Pill

Oscar Pill is a French MG series where some people have magic that allows them to go in the human body. I don’t know what I would do in a body, but why not.

8. Mars

Ok, I say I want to visit Mars, but I don’t want my trip to be anything like what Matt Watney went through. I’m thinking more geological fun and a moderate amount of potatoes.

9. Lénacie

If you like mermaid books it might be worth it to learn French just so you can read this series. dont kill me if it’s not as good as I remember  There’s a complex social system and the people there have cool connections to marine animals.

10. La Pradera

Magic Garden!!!! Need I say more? If you haven’t already you should go read Wild Beauty and then you can come with me when I go visit La Pradera.

Have you ever read a book set where you live? My town is pretty small so the closest I’ve read from is the big city.


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