Review: Knit One, Girl Two

sans titreKnit One Girl Two by Shira Glassman,

May 2017

Ebook, 68 pages

Rep: bisexual (Ownvoices), lesbian, plus size, jewish (Ownvoices),

Things I like: Girls, girls who like girls, knitting, girls who knit

This book: Yarn dyer falls in love with local artist

sans titre

This was so cute. Since it’s a novella the story isn’t too complex, instead you get a great meet cute and budding relationship combo.

The strongest aspect of this book were the characters, Clara and Danielle had distinct personalities and their life outside of the plot was well-formed with hobbies, work, and familial relationships. Without this realism I don’t think I would have believed their relationship, but even with such a short book the characters got to know each other as people do.

This book was great at showing how to respect the people in your life. When Clara is first meeting Danielle she takes into account her potential religious observance and even when the temptation strikes, Clara doesn’t go all stalkery on social media. It’s not something I see often in romance and its appreciated.

One thing that bugged me with the writing was that there were a couple of scenes where the writing was a bit clunky, especially when it came to introducing characters. In one scene we met a couple of new people, always with the same format:

”Character says something” Name of character, how the character identifies, physical description of the character.

It took me out of the story, particularly since the fandom elements were so well introduced. The way knitting culture was represented was amazing, it was obvious that the author knew what she was doing. It was great to see the work of indie dyers and designers be valued and you have no idea how happy it made me to see Clara take out her WIP on a date. Non crafters might not care at all about that stuff but it made the book more unique and memorable.

I have two other Glassman books on my TBR so don’t be surprised if I pick them up during #Sapphicathon.


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