Top 5 Wednesday Rewind : Books I want to reread


The month I decide to join in with the Top 5 Wednesday fun is the month where we get to pick any previous topic. I won’t lie, I feel a bit overwhelmed.

This week I decided to do the topic from November 23th, 2016:

Books I want to reread

Before my internet days my TBR was tiny so I used to do a lot of rereading.  For the last few years I’ve only been rereading books once or twice a year.  I would like to reread more but it’s not a priority of mine so who knows when I’ll go back to these books.



Title:     La cité des livres qui rêvent

Original Title:     Die Stadt de Träumenden Bücher

English Title:     The City of Dreaming Books

Author:     Walter Moers

This is a book I read for class when I was in 7th grade. The library had one, old, beat up copy so when I finished it I wanted my own copy. The original publisher of the French edition had closed down so it was impossible to get the book for under 50$. A couple of months later I was at a book fair an there it was! A local publishing house had picked up most of the children’s catalogue of the previous publisher.

I reread the book the week after buying it, but that was a while ago. I never read another book with such an interesting world. the characters are weird and I remember that it did some interesting things with common tropes and clichés.

confessions of a mask

Title:     Confessions of a Mask

Original Title:     Kamen No Kokuhaku

Author:     Yukio Mishima

Another book I read for class! This one was for a class on Modernism during my first semester in college. This is the first book with a queer protagonist that I studied for a class and I met one of my closest friends because of this book.

It’s been more than 2 years since I first read it and it’s the only book on this list that I annotated. It should be interesting to look back at what I wrote and if the changed in my life will affect how I read the book.


Title:     Le Cristal qui pousse   (Le Cratère 1)

English Title: NA

Author:     Steve Proulx

I read the first 6 books in this series when I was 10 years old, but for some reason I never picked up the last volume. I remember liking the fourth wall breaks and the paragraph long parentheses.

I’m trying to get my little brother to read books with me so if I manage to get him to pick this one up this reread might happen soon.


Title:     Emily of New Moon  (Emily 1)

Author:     L. M. Montgomery

I read this trilogy with one of my friends back in 2012. We got two other friends to join us in a letter project. In the book Emily writes a letter to her future self so we did the same.

This is a books I expect to like better on the reread. Emily is a writer and 2018 me writes a lot more than 2012 me. I don’t remember much about the plot or the characters, but


Title:     It’s Kind of a Funny Story

Author:     Ned Vizzini

This is a book I go to when my mental health is really bad. It’s the first book where I saw a character with depression who represented (some parts) of me and my experience.

The last time I read this I didn’t know that Ned Vizzini completed suicide. I don’t know how knowing this will affect my next reread and that’s the main reason why I didn’t pick it up in the last year.


That’s it for today! How does your opinion of a book change when you reread it?

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